Alaskan Story Crew

our commitment to you is a journey of a lifetime

Our Crew

It is said in the Yacht Charter industry that the vessel attracts the clients and the crew brings them back. In the last 5 years 80% of those chartering with Alaska Yacht Charters have been either repeat clients or referred by past clients.

Geoff and Debbie have owned and operated charter yachts in Alaska for over 20 years. Geoff is an attorney who practiced in Philadelphia, San Francisco and Seattle. He turned to the sea when the law proved too dry. He is United States Coast Guard licensed and has chartered the waters of Alaska, Mexico, the Caribbean and the north and south Pacific since 1974.

Debbie was born and raised in the islands of the Pacific Northwest. She has a B.A. in business. She has cruised from Juneau, Alaska to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and back; three times. Debbie is the best cook afloat!

We are very excited about our crew for 2010. Kjersti grew up in Sitka, Alaska. She has fished and cruised the waters of Southeast Alaska for her whole life. She has crewed for us previously before starting a career as a dietician. After four years in Portland she got homesick and decided to rejoin us. Kayleigh is also an Alaskan girl from Anchorage. She has lived in Hawaii for the last few years working on a whale watching boat.