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Our experience suggests that any business can get someone to say something good about it. We thought it would be more convincing, as long as we were going to go about this, to give you a review from every week charters on the Alaskan Story for the past two years.


Week one: Lyn and Dean Duke, North Vancouver, BC: “You were absolutely right. May is a stellar month for an Alaskan Cruise! You fulfilled our extensive wish list and far exceeded our hopes and expectations.” Nicolas Duke, age 6: “Thank you so much for having me on the boat cause I had a blast!

Week two: Tia Collins, Palos Verdes Estates, And CA: “I have spent a week with you every year for over twenty straight years: need I say more?”

Week three: Ginny Kramer: Suffolk, U.K.: “The beauty overwhelming, the animals awe-inspiring, the company warm and fun; the food-yummy”

Week four: Tom Allison and Kim Brackett, second trip: Seattle, WA: “Our week aboard the Alaskan Story was like a living with-in the pages of National Geographic!” Thank-you, Thank-you.

Week five: Susan Levy and Mac Kennedy, Bainbridge Island, WA: “Our third trip with you and though seemingly impossible they just keep getting better!”

Week six: The Hirshberg Family, Woodlands TX: “Thanks for the Memories!! We will send all our friends and will be back.”

Week seven: The Arendsee Family of 14 a tandem charter with both the Alaskan Song and the Alaskan Story, Rancho Santa Fe, CA: “The Alaskan Song was beautiful and the Alaskan Story ever more spectacular. This trip will forever be sketched in our memories. Geoff and Debbie your both number 1!!”

Week eight: the Harris Family, Richmond, VI; “Sprinkled throughout the journey were bears in rivers , bald eagles galore, fresh crab and shrimp (caught, cooked and eaten on board), fishing, sea lions, kayaking and unsurpassed cuisine by Debbie. We had a fabulous trip and will always remember our adventures about the Alaskan Story. We will be back!”

Week nine: The Todd’s Bethel, Maine: “Superlatives seem inadequate. The company, the food, the adventure: All are unmatched by any past travel experience” … “Our friends raved and convinced us to come along. It is hard to imagine, but the reality exceeded their superlatives.“

Week ten: The Penleys for the third time; Paris, Maine: I love it when something works so well! People come together-curious, fun loving and get to share an adventure with “the crew”. Thank you once again. It gets better everytime!”

Week eleven: The Doyle/Camp families; Piedmont, CA: “Possibly the best vacation we have ever had! The unique combination of spectacular wildlife-The likes none of us had ever experienced…Wildlife up close and personal, secluded coves with stunning scenery, insightful explanations of nature and history, expert piloting and delicious meals, Wow!”

Weeks twelve, thirteen and fourteen: Three weeks with Kjell Qvale, family and friends; San Francisco, CA: “Truly a life altering experience to be remembered all our lives.”


Weeks one and Two; Seattle to Juneau: Ken and Nancy Blewett; New Braunfels, TX: “We have been coming almost every year for almost 20 years; sometimes multiple weeks. That says it all!”

Week two: Mike and Janet Brogan; Paris, Maine: “Wow! Best vacation ever!!!”; Gretchen and Tim Collins; Fenwick Island, DE: “We learned so much about this unique state..We will return…Thanks for the memories!” Wendy and Dick Penley for the fourth time; Paris, Maine: “Another amazing adventure…You are the best!”

Week three: Steinmetz family; Houston, TX: “Based on recommendations from friends, your website and conversations with you we had very high expectations, and this trip exceeded them all…We were constantly learning new and wonderful things, the pace of the trip was perfect-fabulous! Of course, the Alaskan Story is a star, she’s a beauty.”

Week four: Grace and Steve Clark; Yuba City, CA: “We were anticipating “the perfect” vacation and were certainly not disappointed. Debbie, Geoff Matt and Emily all get five stars. Great Food, magnificent scenery and total comfort-the only problem was having to leave”

Week five: Dr. William Bonham; Dallas, TX: “As before-another great trip. Great fishing, whale’s food and fellowship! Geoff and Debbie you are great hosts and our friends.” Fred Phillips; Shreveport, LA: Wow what a trip! What a well planned and memorable trip…The ultimate Alaskan experience!”

Week six: Hugh and Mary Walmsley: Hugh: “All I expected and much more. A great experience and a greater crew. Looking forward to next trip.” Mary: Don’t wake me from this magical dream! We will miss you all!

Week seven: Patricia Alderson; Arlington, VA: “This trip on the Alaskan Story-difficult to envision and impossible to describe-It’s a once in a lifetime experience, but you’ll come away knowing you’ll want to come back-and should!”

Week eight: Bud Gravette; Rancho Mirage, CA: A much greater adventure then we ever imagined. We saw Alaska in all its glory, witnessed nature at its finest and purest. A wonderful experience we will cherish forever! Thank you it was the trip of a lifetime!” George Records, Oklahoma City, OK: More than you would expect from a cruise, much more. I have enjoyed every scene, event, bit and drop of the trip!”

Week nine: Rochelle, Stuart and Cloe Wilson; Hong Kong: “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for exceeding our greatest expectations from Day one: For the fabulous cooking and hospitality: The whales the bears and the glaciers beautifully captured and given to us on our own DVD..”

Week ten: Carlson’s, Wines, Freschs and Duclos Minneapolis, MN: “You are wonderful and competent people. Thanks for sharing with us your neighborhood. Best week ever!” The trip exceeded our expectations by a mile. Thank you for a wonderful time. It’s rare to feel totally comfortable in a new situation-I felt like we were at home the minute we bordered the Story. Please keep in touch so we can see you again in Puerto Vallarta for a reunion!”

Week eleven: Whites and Gaylors; Hearland, WI: “What fun!! And to think we celebrated our 50th with all of you and our best friends. I love Alaska-Bears, whales, seals, eagles and all…Kudo’s to Deb for such wonderful meals.

Week twelve: Hansons, Los Angeles, CA: “Loved it, Loved it, Loved it! You are the best. Thank you for letting us enjoy your Alaska..A great time!”