About Our Company

Alaskan Story - Geoff and Debbie Wilson

Debbie and Geoff

Geoff and Debbie do what they do because they love it and their enthusiasm is infectious. Your week aboard the Alaskan Story will be an adventure you will remember for all of your life...truly the stuff dreams are made of.

Why Us?

  1. Reputation: The best judge of any business is its clientele. Ask them about us. 80% of our clients in the last five years are either repeats or were referred by former clients. In 2009, eight of our fourteen weeks of charter were repeats and another four were referred to us by previous guests. We will be proud to supply you with a list of past clients. After twenty years in the business - having shared our experience with over 1,500 guests - it is even likely we can provide you with someone who lives right around the corner from you.

  2. Experience: Geoff and Debbie have years of chartering in the waters of southeast Alaska. Alaska is what we do. We know where the whales, bears, sea lions, dolphins, puffin, eagles, salmon and halibut were last year, last week and where they will be during your week. Because we own our vessels and our business, we take extraordinary pride in our product. Because we appreciate quality and luxury, we provide them for you.

  3. Comfort: The Alaskan Story is safe, fast, tastefully decorated and is a very comfortable vessel. The Story has large interior spaces with great visibility and covered aft decks and side walkways for watching wildlife during inclement weather. The staterooms are big and bright with individual temperature controls for heat and air-conditioning. You are pampered with feather beds and down comforters and pillows. Each of the cabins has its own en-suite bathroom with shower. The Alaskan Story was designed by us and is a result of our company's 17 years in the business of chartering in Alaska. It is built and maintained to "yacht" quality. Built not to provide for the most passengers, but to provide the most for our passengers.

  4. Alaskan Fishing: One of the great thrills offered visitors to Alaska is the opportunity to catch a mighty king salmon or a gigantic halibut. With Alaska Yacht Charters,, you can go out in one of our Boston Whalers outfitted with down-riggers, radios, fish-finders and new 4-cycle outboards. Or, if you prefer, you can fish without ever leaving the comfort and convenience of your yacht. You can sit on a covered rear deck and troll for salmon with the crew who, while catering to all your needs, net and clean your catch for you. We only serve seafood you, your friends or one of the crew caught, probably hours earlier.

  5. Cuisine: Everything served will be the freshest available. Of course, the food is exquisite; truly a highlight of every day.

  6. Permits: Taking passengers for hire in Alaska requires the vessel to be American built (or specially exempted by Congress). Permits and insurance are required for any crew going ashore with clients. These rules are for your protection. We are a business licensed by the State of Alaska. We have all the permits required by the Alaska State Department of Fish and Game and the United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service for guiding clients in Tongas National Forest (90% of Southeast Alaska).

    Alaska Yacht Charters is operated under special use permit with the Tongass National Forest.

  7. Let us show you the true Alaskan Wilderness in total comfort and safety, and give you and your family memories that will last a lifetime. Our success has always depended on our ability to provide the ultimate in travel experiences to our clients.

    Alaska Yacht Charters is an equal opportunity provider and employer.